An exhibition by Angie Taylor and Chrissie Hall 

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Artist Statement:

3.99Hz is a surreal artistic experiment, with artworks exploring the concept of the subconscious and the curious happenings of the mind. This show is an interactive and dream-like environment where the artworks, installations and soundscapes, encourage the viewer to question and explore the depths of their mind and imagination.

The title of our exhibition 3.99Hz is the frequency of the brain during REM sleep, the activity of the brain when it is in this frequency closely resembles the activity of the waking brain and can be seen as a gateway to the subconscious.

The central themes of the exhibition, which centre around the mind, brain wave frequencies, the subconscious and dreams, were chosen because this is a topic that we not only wish to explore as artists, but that every human being can relate to.  One of the goals of 3.99Hz is to create an exhibition that encourages audience participation and engages viewers through interactive artworks.