100 Pictures | 100 Stories

100 Pictures | 100 Stories

100 Pictures, 100 Stories is the culmination of a twelve-month project by artists Chrissie Hall and Deb Morgan who photographed and interviewed 100 subjects of diverse backgrounds and practices, including artists, scientists, porn-stars, cake designers, chicken breeders, taxidermists, health professionals, performers, actors, craft beer connoisseurs, and more.

Subjects include well-known characters such as Dr Karl, Anthony Lister, Paul Frenchie from Fat Pizza, Katherine Sabbath, Betty Grumble, Glitta Supernova, and another 94 personalities from all walks of life.

The project entailed a one-on-one session where each person was asked to bring along objects they felt represented aspects of themselves. Each subject was captured in Hall’s signature photographic style, and then sat down for a cup of tea with Morgan to discuss their practice, philosophies, and personal stories.

Photographer, Chrissie Hall, and multi-platform artist, Deb Morgan, birthed the idea for the project after shooting and recording stories from 12 of their fellow artists at Arts Organisation, Create or Die. Both artists felt compelled to capture more people’s stories, so 100 people and hundreds of hours later, 100 Pictures, 100 Stories came to life.


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