Anita Pettinato owner of Insceneart

Anita is an amazing artist at insceneart. She came to me because she wanted something different for her book. Something that would blow her audiences’ minds. She wanted to be photographed in a way that would capture her fun & crazy personality, while also exploring her sexy dark side. With this in mind, I came up with the creatives which endeavoured to tackle this challenge.

Over the course of 3 days, we took incredible imagery in the Sunshine coast. We shot in the studio, on location, in abandoned locations. You name it - we shot it. The results are unique, dynamic and exciting, She was very happy with the results.

Client photo

Working in front of the lens of the fabulous Chrissie Hall has been an extraordinary experience and epicadventure. This talented lady knows her stuff and is a must for any person looking for a portfolio with an edge. She is the ultimate professional with an artistic eye, producing stunning, vibrant and quirky imagery. The best photographer I have worked with hands down!!! And the most fun too.