Gregg Peek Owner of Peek Tours

Peek Tours wanted something that encapsulated all the elements of the tour - the history of The Rocks' oldest pubs, the criminal/moody aspect of a lot of the stories and the social nature of joining a pub tour. They wanted the images to really pique people's curiosity and excite them about the tour as an experience.

Each of the images alludes to a story from the tour. Each image was carefully constructed into a story that doesn't give away the ending. This is extremely important to the tour as people need to join the tour to find out the story behind the image. Working with Peek tours meant we could go back in time to find the locations, costumes, lighting, talent and props. It was very interesting to research and discover the history. The stories were raw, graphic and gruesome which was fun to work on the visuals.

Working with my production company, XRay Doll, we delivered imagery that Peek Tours was happy with and are using them for their marketing campaign.

Client photo

Chrissie has a creative outlook that is really unique and I knew she would give me a memorable print and online campaign.